Our Mission

To be the anti-agency of the South East, growing organizations and solving problems with research-based strategy and never a hunch, where everything is questioned and nothing is ignored.

Q Strategies is a full-service, strategic planning and communications firm located in downtown Chattanooga. With a collective experience of more than 75 years in strategic marketing and communications, we excel in strong community relationships that drive our success as we work with clients to tell their story and reach their goals.

So what is “strategy”…besides an overused buzzword? Webster defines strategy as “a long-term plan or method, a science and an art used to employ plans toward a goal.” We couldn’t agree more. It is a creative art, but one that must be supported by scientific research and measurement.


We picked the letter “Q” to represent our firm because it exemplifies our mantra: Ask questions, deliver quality work, quantify our results.

What to expect when you pick Q:

  • Value-based contracts (no unexpected hourly bills)
  • Research-based strategies (no hunch-based tactics)
  • High quality work (no “off-the-shelf” solutions)
  • Team approach (access to expertise across the agency staff)
  • Measurable outcomes (following our three-phased methodology, can deliver measured outcomes, not just a list of completed tasks)

If you find yourself thumbing through marketing budgets and press releases and wondering if your message is getting through, what behaviors you’ve changed and what is truly driving sales – then you are right the kind of partner for us. 

Need a different agency experience? Call us today.