Our Methodology

Q Strategies is a different kind of PR & Marketing agency in Chattanooga, following our proven method to deliver high quality work and measured results.  



We believe in questioning everything, then listening to the answers. Only after completing in-depth research alongside reviewing published industry best practices can we see the full picture of where an organization is and where it needs to go. With all the right information in place, we build a complete strategic plan for your organization.

We aren’t revolutionary. We just believe in getting it right and delivering you a high quality plan, providing meaningful direction for your marketing and public relations efforts. We don’t guess what your publics want to hear, and we don’t assume what your clients want to buy. Research is our mantra. 



With a full strategic plan based on market research in place, we can advise you on how to proceed. We can implement the whole plan as your communications department or work directly with your staff to best execute tactics and deliverables. In some cases, we can simply turn the communication and marketing plan over to your capable team. We work within your structure and budget.



The final phase of our plan is always based on evaluation. 

  • What worked the best? 
  • What can be changed to work better? 
  • What were the outcomes? 
  • Were attitudes and loyalties changed or strengthened? 

These are the questions that really matter to an organization and we can help you find answers.